I Refuse 2 fail

Do You Qualify to Become an I Refuse 2 Fail (IR2F) Partner?

Not every business person will qualify to become an IR2Fail Partner and receive all the benefits. Unfortunately most business people "Talk the Talk" but don't "Walk the Walk" when it comes to business networking ot their business! True business networking is about building strong business relationships and helping others regardless if you receive business from those you help.

Why Apply?

  • We are dedicated to helping each IR2Fail Partner receive more exposure, more benefits and build more business relationships to grow their business.
  • We pay our dedicated  IR2F Partners to help people and the IR2F Partnership Grow!
  • The dedicated IR2F Partners can receive a LOW to NO annual out of pocket IR2Fail Partnership.


  • National Marketing Exposure for Your Business: We guarantee IR2F Partners will have their business put in front of 1,000's of new people across the U.S. and Canada with a produced marketing video for YOUR business! >examples<(value: Unlimited!)
  • FREE IR2F 15+30 virtual meetings  to meet and help more new people more often (value: Unlimited!)
  • Free business consulting: We provide free consultations on any aspect of your business with our experts! (value: Unlimited!)
  • Be an Expert: We provide expert IR2F Partners the ability to have Zoom Presentations and we promote the events to 1,000's of people! (value: Unlimited!)
  • Success Tools, Tips & Techniques: We provide everything you need to become a successful IR2F Partner.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify you must:

  • Be willing to participate at meetings with the goal of helping others without expecting anyone to buy your products or services!
  • Attend at least 2 out of 4 monthly scheduled IR2F virtual meetings!
  • Mark your calendar: Treat your IR2F Networking Meetings as Business Appointments not just something extra to do!
  • Invite other qualified business people to our FREE IR2F 15+30 virtual meetings!
  • Must understand that in business you must invest in yourself and your business to succeed!
  • "Skin in the game". Provide a small IR2F Fee to show you are serious about growing your business by helping others!
    • Note: Those who belong to the "If It Isn't Free It Isn't For Me Club" need not apply!

The bottom line! We want serious business people who are serious about helping others to build know, like and trust to grow their business!

Invest in Your Success!

"If you can't afford to be an IR2F Partner. . . You probably can't afford to be in business" 

"It's Only A Fee If You Want It To Be"

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Are you a Business Professional or Service Provider?

If so let's have a  personal virtual meeting to discover more about the I Refuse 2 Fail" Partnership? No selling! Just information to answer your questions to see if you may qualify as an IR2F Partner!  We wish you the best in your business!  

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