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We have created a Youtube Video channel to free videos to help any size business grow. These videos will be from our research on topice important to any business
as well as interviews and information on various topics from our selected service providers. To receive free video updates you can >Subscribe < to the I Refuse 2 Fail
video channel.

Are you a business expert?

I Refuse 2 fail is always looking for the best consultants and service providers willing to help businesses succeed with their knowledge and expertise.
Would you like exposure to 1,000's of businesses who may need your help? 
If you would like to help us help more businesses succeed email us
(Please include your expertise, website and contact information and we will contact you with participation details)


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Our Goal

Save you time and money acquiring the tools, tips, techniques and information to grow your business. Each workshop will define the issues and provide easy to undersatand solutions. Discover Business Success is the alternative to expensive coaching and consulting services in the Tampa bay area.

Why Attend

  • Affordable! Less expensive than consulting or coaching.
  • Over 35 years experience in sales, marketing and business development
  • Free personal followup consultation available after each workshop
  • You only lose if you don't attend!


You can't lose! If you don't discover new tools, techniques or information to grow your business at any of the paid workshops we will refund your workshop fee 100%!